Oil and Gas Case Study

Client Type
Performance Period
Oil and Gas
Alberta Canada & Tulsa, OK
10 GPM Zero Liquid Discharge to Sewer
2013 to present
Ion Exchange, Evaporation
Electronics case Study System Image

This installation is for an oilfield hardware manufacturer, specializing in connectors, valves, and other service parts for the oilfield industries.

Although the parts are fairly simple, they require some specialized coatings to control the applications in wellheads. The company contacted SIRCO to install a line to clean and coat parts after machining. The machining operation produces waste oils along with oxides and other lubricants. These materials, although non-hazardous, create a problem leading to discharge violations.

SIRCO was requested to provide clean rinse water to the finishing operations. The line was plumbed to sumps and supplied to our CLRS-10 Ion Exchange recycle system. Appropriate pre-filtration, carbon and ozone treatments were employed to produce clean rinse water for
re-use without sewer discharge, resulting in perfect parts and a reduction of wastewater discharge.

Due to the success of the first system, an additional system was purchased for their Tulsa, Oklahoma facility which has been in successful operation for over 6 years.