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Portable Exchange Service

Sirco offers a portable exchange service which offers the flexibility of renting the canisters and having them shipped off site for regeneration.

Our quick disconnect fittings make it a snap to remove and reconnect the hoses for ease of interchangeability.

Smaller canisters are placed in a wire mesh shipping basket that is fork lift ready, which helps to protect the canisters during shipping.

Portable Ion Exchange – recycle up to 100% of your process rinse water

Utilizing the best available ion exchange resins on the market today, The Sirco portable ion exchange program is the most cost effective approach available for wastewater treatment, recycling and regulatory compliance while minimizing chemical storage and handling.

Unlike traditional treatment methods, portable Ion Exchange columns are regenerated offsite, eliminating the need to store or handle chemicals at your site. Our regeneration process, quality control and operational excellence ensure consistent and high quality units are delivered on time, every time.

When the column capacity is close to exhaustion, simply call us for a newly regenerated column to be delivered to your facility and remove the spent column for regeneration. The column is then shipped back for regeneration and it is returned on a rotating schedule.

DOT Certified Containers

DOT Certified Containers for use in our Industrial Waste Portable Exchange Services

As product transportation regulations become more demanding with increased liability, Sirco Industrial proactively moved forward to have DOT certified resin columns for transportation to and from our customers to minimize or eliminate liability under these new rules. 

When shipping wastes under the regulations concerning what may be considered hazardous materials, DOT certification is now required to avoid penalties and fines.

A copy of our certifications are available upon request.