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Ion Exchange Systems

The Sirco CLRS (Closed Loop Recycle System) is an onsite automated regenerating Ion Exchange based system that can provide 100% recycled water and is available either as a manual or automated system.


    • 10-300 GPM
    • Automatic or Manual
    • Self-regenerating 

Integrated systems – Introducing the Sirco CLRS

Sirco Industrial designed the CLRS automatic systems to meet the need of today’s highest standards for closed loop rinse water recycling operations. Typical systems are dual train to provide continuous treatment  and recycling capabilities while minimizing the use of regeneration chemicals through the use of our “short Loop’ regeneration function.

The CLRS is unique in that it uses the FlowMatix DSLM Monitoring System (Patent Pending). The Flowmatix system is a software driven control system utilizing a proprietary algorithm that monitors the loading input to the system and displays the capacity remaining before regeneration is required.  Minimizing the need to routinely test for resin breakthrough.

Industry leader leading regeneration control valve

Unlike many regeneration control valves modified from a standard softener application being used in the wastewater recycling industry, Sirco uses a control valve engineered specifically for harsh environments. Developed by Sirco with materials designed to withstand harsh chemicals we are able to offer a 5 year replacement warranty on our regeneration control valves instead of the standard 1 year warranty offered throughout the industry.

Let Sirco design the system that’s right for you.

Sirco water treatment technologies include the use of Ion Exchange (IX) to remove dissolved contaminants in water. Sirco designed the CLRS automatic regeneration IX Systems for closed loop rinsing operations. The systems are dual train to provide continuous treatment capacity while being very frugal in the use of regeneration chemistry.

For all canisters that are regenerated off site we offer a fork lift ready, wire mesh basket that protects the canisters during shipping. The canisters can be left in the basket and placed on your spill containment for ease of handling.