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Right For You

Let Sirco design the systems and services that are right for you.

In each design category, process rinse water can be purified for continuous re-use using integrated Best Available Technology. Consistently pure rinse water naturally protects all process chemistry from cross contamination directly offsetting costs through enhanced quality and waste minimization.

Sirco custom designs all systems to specifically fit each customers needs & specifications. All parameters are considered including: flow rate, chemistry and loading to build just the right system.

We can provide the tools to regenerate in-house OR for the ultimate in convenience our DOT certified canisters can be shipped for regeneration at our facilites.


Ion Exchange Systems

Water treatment technologies that use Ion Exchange (IX) to remove dissolved contaminants in water.

DI Water Systems

Self-regenerating DI Systems that eliminate DI exchange services.

Ozone Sterilization Systems

Ozone units inject ozone into the water to clean up organics such as  algae and bacteria that infiltrate your tanks, canisters and plumbing.

Automated Pump Stations

Sirco Industrial provides Pump Stations that have integral filter chambers to allow bag or cartridge filtration, and are available as dual pump units when necessary. 

Portable Ion Exchange Services

The Sirco portable ion exchange program is the most cost effective approach available for wastewater treatment, recycling and regulatory compliance while minimizing chemical storage and handling.


Industrial Media Filter filtration systems are factory skid mounted, pre-piped, and pre-wired for ease of installation.


NDT Rinse Water Recycle Systems

NDT rinse water recycle systems use a unique blend of filtration, adsorption, deionization, and oxidation technologies to achieve the only 100% closed loop recycling solution.