Hardware Manufacturing Case Study

Client Type
Performance Period
Hardware Manufacturing
Santa Ana, CA
50 GPM Zero Liquid Discharge to Sewer
2010 to present
Reverse Osmosis, Ion Exchange, Vacuum Evaporation with Recovery
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This installation was for a supplier of washers, bushings, shims, and stampings for the aerospace and defense industries. It has been part of the Aerospace hardware industry since 1957, supplying customers worldwide. Its manufacturing capabilities include tooling for specialty fasteners.

SIRCO Industrial, Inc. was contracted to resolve issues causing wastewater discharge violations from the metal finishing operations. Specifically, the County Sanitation had sent violation notices for Cadmium and Cyanide violations.

The progress to a completely closed-loop rinse water recycle system was accomplished in 2 stages.

  1. Completely isolate and recycle Cyanide and Cadmium bearing process water.
  2. Completely isolate and recycle Chrome bearing process water.

SIRCO Industrial, Inc. provided a Closed-Loop CLRS-15 Ion Exchange treatment and recycle system to recycle all cadmium and cyanide process rinses. To provide better quality water, Sirco supplied an R.O. System with portable polishing Ion Exchange canisters to provide DI quality water to processes and rinses.

To complete the closed-loop of all discharges and provide a closure of the industrial sewer, SIRCO provided a CLRS-35 Ion exchange system to treat and recycle all rinses containing chrome and heavy metals.        

Additionally, a gas fired boiler, vacuum evaporator, and recovery chiller have been employed to reduce the regenerant waste to a very small amount, eliminating the Conventional Treatment System that had been previously employed.