Fasteners Case Study

Client Type
Performance Period
Fasteners Company
Suzhou, China
Zero Liquid Discharge to Sewer
2012 to present
Ion Exchange, Evaporation
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Permaswage-PCC in Gardena, CA is a continuing customer of SIRCO Industrial, Inc., where various waste waters are treated and recycled under SIRCO’s Portable Ion Exchange Program. 

The China facility in Suzhou was designed as a sister site of the Gardena Permaswage facility for similar parts manufacturing.  For a US Company operating in China there was great concern about the liability of spent industrial wastewater in an increasingly restrictive regulatory environment.            

SIRCO recommended the CLRS series recycling system which is composed of a dual-train Ion Exchange System consisting of prefiltration and Carbon pre-treatment along with cation and anion IX treatment of the wastewater. The frame also held the receiving and distribution tanks- all skid mounted as a single unit.  

The System utilized a state-of-the-art PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) to control the Flow, Total gallons, TDS, and contaminant loading of the ion exchange columns. The PLC also controlled the regeneration functions, and the panel utilized a VFD to allow Variable Speed Pump Operation. This also accommodated the 50 Hz power available at this location.  

The PLC also monitored the system performance and alerted the operators of the need for regeneration.