Electronics Manufacturer Case Study

Client Type
Performance Period
Electronics Manufacturer
Seoul, South Korea
50 GPM Zero Liquid Discharge to Sewer
2008 to present
Ion Exchange, Evaporation
Electronics case Study System Image

One of SIRCO’s offshore installations was in Seoul, South Korea. After researching various wastewater treatment companies, The client contacted SIRCO Industrial Inc. and offered a trip to Korea to evaluate the application. Eventually choosing SIRCO Industrial Inc. to design, build, and commission a closed-loop wastewater recycling system for their new facility.

This was a very extraordinary installation, as the company is one of the largest reel-to-reel plating companies in Korea, requiring a highly specialized wastewater treatment System.

The operation of over 12 reel-to reel production plating lines with multiple strands of connectors, mostly for the cell phone industry, needed very pure rinse water between all the various plating applications.

Additionally, the waste generated by the System needed to be controlled and minimized. This required a proprietary engineered regeneration method, allowing for the regenerant to be
re-used a second time to minimize regenerant wastes. This was one of the first SIRCO Ion Exchange Systems to use a PLC to control the valve nests for regeneration sequencing. 

Cyanide bearing waste streams were segregated from the main process wastewater and treated through a secondary Ion exchange system to prevent any cross contamination while offering better control of the regeneration process. Minimizing any hazards that might be associated with regenerating a Cyanide bearing waste stream.

Regenerant wastes were then handled through an evaporative process.