Architectural Aluminum Case Study

Client Type
Performance Period
High-volume Anodizing
South El Monte, CA
70 GPM Zero Liquid Discharge to Sewer
2018 to present
Ion Exchange, Evaporation
Electronics case Study System Image

This installation is for a high-volume anodizing company specializing in aluminum extrusions, mostly for decorative applications in the commercial construction areas. The anodizing process generates a great deal of wastewater, especially in the final rinses, where hard water spots are not permissible. The operation required a team of laborers with towels to wipe each part to assure that the products were dry and without spots. 

SIRCO installed a high purity DI water recycling system including all regeneration and transfer tanks and pumps to provide excellent DI water for the final rinses. Not only has the product quality improved and labor costs lowered, but the water savings also reduced discharge to the Industrial Sewer, for which the company was recognized and awarded recognition.   

The system was installed in 2018 and has been working continuously 24/7 since. SIRCO has maintained the System since the installation. Initially, the system’s Cation column has been regenerated with spent Sulfuric Acid, which is compatible with the design. However, for longevity, this has been changed out to Hydrochloric Acid.