Aerospace Manufacturing Case Study

Client Type
Performance Period
Aerospace Manufacturing
Redlands, CA
50 GPM Zero Liquid Discharge to Sewer
2013 to present
Ion Exchange, Evaporation
Electronics case Study System Image

This installation was for a manufacturer of glass-to-metal hermetic seals used in the Aerospace, electronics, medical, and other industries where the electronic connections must be totally isolated from the atmosphere due to purity, heat, and pressure.

To assure the quality and performance of their products, the client decided to maintain all finishing operations within in their own facility for the hermetic seals that they produce. To do this, the owners decided to purchase an adjacent building and to make the operation completely self-contained with all environmentally correct processes.

They hired SIRCO Industrial Inc., to build a complete wastewater recycling system with no discharge to sewer and air. The plating tanks were designed and built in accordance with recommendations by SIRCO to minimize water and chemical waste by efficient rinsing techniques. This allowed all final rinses to be recycled by Ion Exchange technology. All concentrates would be recovered or hauled away as necessary. All heated tanks or tanks producing fumes are ventilated to a fume scrubber.

Due to limited space, the recycle system was specifically designed to work along a wall of the facility along with holding and distribution tanks to minimize the footprint in the production area.