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Conventional Systems

  • Interactive touch screen HMI
  • Constant sensor monitoring
  • Pumping stations with service and standby modes
  • Variable frequency drives to control mixers and flow rates
  • Custom-built systems to fit any space
  • Polishing Filters
  • Used as pretreatment for other processes
  • Automated sludge drying
  • Automatic plate shifter

Conventional Wastewater Treatment Systems

Aside from our industry leading recycling systems Sirco also offers conventional treatment systems for a variety of industrial wastewater applications including but not limited to the removal of metals, oils, organics/inorganics, and total dissolved solids (TDS).


Sirco’s Continuous Flow System (CFS) and Batch Process System (BPS) are designed for discharge permit compliance for complex or variable waste streams not amenable to Ion Exchange. These systems are precisely controlled with Allen Bradley PLCs to prevent production downtime and are available in a variety of  configurations to fit your requirements or space constraints.  Precisely controlled chemical metering pumps maintain efficiency, lowering treatment costs by reducing treatment chemical consumption.

Both the CFS and BPS are available with multiple system and sizing options beginning at 500 gallon batch sizes or 5 gpm continuous flow and higher. They are ideal for industrial process wastewater prior to discharge or reuse, pH adjustment, metals removal, and solids removal.